There was another good roll up for Monday night’s Talking History with Michael Macklin on the topic of the name Yeronga and the question of whether the name comes from the Indigenous language of the area – it seems it did.

You can learn more about the naming of Yeronga and other local suburbs in The Stories of Stephens, an ASHG publication, Chapter 12 (Untangling ‘Stories of Stephens’ Place Names by Dr Neville Buch, Dr Ray Kerhove and Dr Michael Macklin) of

For more of what Michael has written about the history of Yeronga see here /

The publication, Stories of Stephens, is available for sale ($25) from the ASHG local history room open Wednesday mornings 9.00-12.00 noon, by contacting annerleystephenshistorygroupin@gmail or buy it from Annerley Meats, 502 Ipswich Rd., Annerley.