Annerley Theatre (site), 399 Ipswich Road, Annerley

Annerley Picture Theatre - Interior - Contributed by Judy Tso

Annerley Picture Theatre - External - Contributed by Judy Tso

Mr N F MacGroarty Opens his Campaign

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The Brisbane Courier 2 July 1930 p.16

The All-Australian Raycophone talkie equipment which is being installed at Annerley Theatre, Ipswich road by Messrs. Harrington Ltd. sole distributors throughout Australasia. The machine is the invention of Mr. Ray Allsop, the young Australian wireless expert.

The Brisbane Courier, 4 May 1932, p.14


A large and attentive audience listened to the Attorney-General (Mr. N. F. Macgroarty) at the initial meeting of his election campaign, held last evening in the Annerley Picture Theatre.

Annerley Picture Theatre (site) 399 Ipswich Road, Annerley

The Annerley Picture Theatre was erected in 1914. [1]Prior to this time residents resorted to the Princess Theatre for live shows from 1888 to the late 1890s and then to the Dutton Park Garden Theatre which operated between 1908 and 1914. [2]The Annerley Picture Theatre initially exhibited silent movies and had a band and choir. In 1922 it was the venue for South Brisbane's first radio concert where music was transmitted from studios in the City and broadcast to an audience in the theatre. [3]In 1930 the theatre was also at the forefront of technology with the State's first installation of the Raycophone that enabled the screening of "talkies". [4]

The Annerley Picture Theatre was also used for school events and for political addresses.

The building was described as a large structure with a galvanised iron roof.  [5]The building is no longer extant.

The Annerley Picture Theatre preceded the establishment of other cinemas in the suburb - the Boomerang (1924) and the Odeon (1938). 

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